Amazon App Store customers triple quarter over quarter

Amazon just announced its 4th quarter earnings and dropped a few pieces of information pertaining to its growing Android application store. Even if it’s not your go-to Android application portal, Amazon’s App Store is worth having around just for the free app of the day and according to its latest earnings report, its application store is growing faster than ever.

Amazon App Store customers tripled quarter over quarter, which is a pretty impressive stat on its own. We can no doubt thank the introduction of the Kindle Fire to be the main fuel of this growth but without solid numbers, it’s hard to really gauge just how well the App Store is doing. That said, while there may be more than one place to go to get Android apps, the chance that you’re going to Amazon (if not the Android Market itself) is pretty great.

Another impressive nugget from the press release is that Amazon App Store customers downloaded more applications in the fourth quarter than any previous quarter combined. Again, this is likely due to the Kindle Fire, as it does not have access to the official Android Market, so if you’re getting apps on your Fire, it’s from Amazon directly.

In no way are we surprised by this sort of information from Amazon but we’re still wishing that some solid numbers would have been introduced in the press release. Either way, this trend will likely continue going forward and maybe Amazon would be nice enough to share real stats come next quarter.

If you’re rocking an Android phone, how often do you use the Amazon App Store?

[Via: Amazon]

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