HTC Ville leaks – Exactly what you’d expect

We know that HTC has come out and said that it will be making fewer but better handsets in 2012 and one of those handsets has just leaked. That handset would be the HTC Ville, a name we’ve heard quite a few times. The handset is running Android Ice Cream Sandwich with the latest version of the Sense UI and just like previous handsets, you probably won’t be able to notice what version the handset is running on but you may be distracted by its absurdly thin profile.

The HTC Ville is one of the thinnest handset’s coming from the manufacturer. This is a very good thing, as we’ve been dealing with devices like the Rezound, which seriously needs less chunk to its profile. The Ville is your typical HTC phone: Gorgeous hardware with equally gorgeous software, Sense. We’ll get back to the software later.

The Ville rocks a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.3 inch qHD Super AMOLED display, 8 megapixel camera, VGA front-facing camera, and the now-expected WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Snapdragon S4 notwithstanding, which truly is the best part of this device, the Ville is essentially every HTC phone we’ve seen before but it comes in at an impressive 8mm.

Like we mentioned above, the real story about this phone is the Snapdragon S4. Still, with the heavy customizations and animations HTC just loves to fill its phones with, we’re wondering just how noticeable the performance boost will be. Many were hoping that the introduction of Android 4.0 would give HTC a hint and strip a few pieces of its custom user interface out in order to let Ice Cream Sandwich shine through but within the short video of the pre-production software you see below, it looks like HTC has gone in the other direction, customizing the OS more than ever.

We’ll probably get our first real look at the handset come February, so stay tuned!


  • Dual Core FTW

  • Tony Perez

    I’m really happy with my HTC Rezound. I don’t see this being much better. Thinner? So what? There is a point where thinner is NOT better,,,,

    • Anonymous

      The Rezound is one of the thickest phones we’ve reviewed in a while. The Ville is not only thinner but sports better internal hardware specs, as well as the latest Android version and Sense Version. The only thing the Rezound really has on this phone is the display (720 vs qHD). So, with the exception of the screen, it’s not the fact that the Ville is thinner that makes it better than the Rezound, it’s everything else. 

  • Trace

    Very much looking forward to this phone if it indeed does come to T-Mobile. I like HTC and they are swaying me away from potentially buying Samsung…

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