AT&T’s throttling limit as low as 2 GB in some areas?

AT&T announced last year that it will throttle customers on unlimited data plans who use excessive amounts of data. AT&T said it will throttle only the top 5 percent of unlimited users and, initially, this appeared to affect customers pulling down 10 to 12 GB per month. Recent reports from John Cozen, who works for Oceanhouse Media, and Willa Plank of the WSJ suggest this limit might be creeping lower, as low as 2 GB for some customers.

Both Cozen and Plank report getting a message from AT&T saying they would be throttled, even though their data usage for the month was about 2 GB. Cozen even took his concerns to AT&T customer service, which confirmed the throttle warning was correct. As expected, the carrier offered to switch him to a tiered plan to avoid the throttling. Before you get up in arms, this 2 GB level may be region-specific as many customers claim they use well over 2 GB without throttling. Nonetheless, this report serves as a reminder to AT&T customers on an unlimited plan – if you don’t keep your usage in check you might find yourself on the verge of being throttled when you least expect it.

[Via MacRumors and WSJ; image from Shutterstock]

  • Thanks for sharing my story. Here’s hoping AT&T is listening

    • Professororb

      it is unfortunate but a reality of the need of spectrum. It’s not unlimited. It’s finite. Because of what we do on our phones now, it cannot continue the way it has. Data use on AT&T’s network has increased 9000% since 2007. They have to stay afloat somehow. And throttling you makes my data speeds better and fair. You must live in a busy AT&T area. 

  • AT&T SUCKS!!!

  • AT&T SUCKS!!!

  • Cellularcrazy09

    At least verizon said you will only be throttled in an area that is experiencing stress AND you have gone over 2GB and only if you are 3G only! I think thats fair…unlike some companies.

  • Att’s so bad in my area.. I don’t think I would notice the difference.

  • dguitarman2425

    I got out of at&t a long time ago, before the iPhone 4 and jumped to Sprint for the HTC Evo.  Now don’t get me wrong, all cell phone companies are penny pinching evil bastards, but AT&T is without a doubt the worst.  I pull data speeds of 1-2 mbps on Sprint’s network, not great mind you, but consistent and no throttling.  It came down to price for me, Sprint is by far the cheapest when factoring in a discount they gave me for switching.  It would be nice to see a 4g LTE network go up with real ulimited data plans, whichever company can do this wins.

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