PON is a touted as the strongest, most versatile smartphone mount

PON is a touted as the strongest, most versatile smartphone mount

Like to support new product development? Need a smartphone mount? Check out the PON, one of the projects at Kickstarter, created with a mission to provide the “strongest, most versatile mounting system to harness the full potential of smartphone technology in all applications of everyday life.”

Bold words, but the product behind them is bold as well. As a matter of fact, it’s CNC machined from single block aerospace grade aluminum, and can work with just about any smartphone on the market, while allowing access to all phone functions and apps.

Moreover, the PON can receive any 1/4×20 camera accessory stud in three different locations: front, top and bottom; while its patent-pending double locking design ensures greater security to withstand “even the most extremely reckless of uses.”

Of course, in order for PON to reach the market, a number of people must commit their hard earned cash and pre-order the device before it’s even made. The folks behind PON are looking to raise $75,000 and in order to secure your PON unit, you’ll have to pledge at least $79. That may sound a lot for a phone mount, but then again – PON is not yet another mount. It will work with all your existing phones as well as those you’ll be buying in the future.

Check it out from here. (link to PON’s page at Kickstarter)

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