Asus still struggles with Transformer Prime pre-orders

Asus still struggles with Transformer Prime pre-orders

We’ve already told you about Asus’ sweet problems as it tries extra hard to fulfill all pre-orders. Apparently, they’re still struggling to meet the demand and have issued the following statement to address the customers’ concerns:

Just to keep you all up to date on stock of the Eee Pad Transformer Prime – It is still landing weekly and in increasing numbers. The majority of our resellers have now fulfilled their back orders so more free stock should be available soon. Please check with your preferred reseller as to how they are allocating their units and how best to get your hands on one.

Hear that – your favorite retailer should have its stock bursting with Transformer Prime units by the time you’re reading this. Then again, we’re kinda confident you’re not the only one looking to grab the world’s first Android tablet with a quad-core processor. Hopefully, your name tops the waiting list. 😉

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • Superior Android

    Asus is a total failure, they had this same problem with the transformer and what did they learn? NOTHING. not only did they learn nothing, the actually have taken a step backwards–this tablet has so many issues, it has a quad core processor when all other new tablets are coming with fast dual core processors.

    • NVIDIA tegra 3

    • fast dual core processors??? Please…. no dual core processor is fast compaired to the 5 core processor-tegra 3. sorry dude…..

      • Superior Android

        Id rather have the 2GHZ 11.3″ Samsung tablet than the problem-plagued Asus tablet.

        The market doesnt need quad core tablets or phones as dual core hasn’t been exhausted.

        Asus puts forth a quad core tablet in 2012 what are they offering for 2013? Apple and Samsung put out fast dual core tablets (that work) and they have something to release next year.

        The Arms Race we’re seeing now isn’t even necessary.

        • Anonymous

          Do you understand the purpose of Quad-core?  Improved battery life and multi-tasking. Improved interaction with the GUI. 

          Quad-core is not only extremely useful, it’s damn near necessary for battery life reasons.

  • Nytmarz08

    I got mine from game stop in jan. once i downloaded all the updates it work great! Even the gps is working with little issues. i guess it depends what day it was built on as long as it wasnt a mon or fri.lmao sent from my asus transformer prime

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