Leak: LG Miracle photos show it’s a Windows Phone that’s actually kind of pretty

We’re just two weeks away until Mobile World Congress kicks off, the largest mobile exhibition on the face of the planet. Everything that gets announced there usually ends up being talked about for the next 12 months, case in point the Samsung Galaxy S II. This year we’re sad to report that Samsung isn’t going to be at the event in any major way, instead they’re opting to host their own event later this year. That’s music to LG’s ears, who has recently been struggling to make a name for themselves in the smartphone market. Their last successful device was the NVIDIA Tegra 2 packing Optimus 2X, and even then, that device was riddled with bugs that took multiple software updates to rectify. We already know one of the devices LG plans to announce at MWC, the 5 inch Optimus Vu, but is the Miracle going to be their sleeper hit product?

The LG Miracle, which was previously known as the Fantasy, is your run of the mill Windows Phone. It has a spec sheet that isn’t going to blow anyone away, but just look at how this thing looks. The first word that springs to mind is “organic”. While Nokia’s Windows Phones are pretty, they look a bit over engineered. The Lumia 800 has hard edges on the top and bottom of the device, and the Lumia 710, which we think looks better than the Lumia 800, is a bit on the thick side. The Miracle on the other hand looks like a no fuss rounded rectangle with a thin bezel and a stylized back.

Now as for the elephant in the room, Windows Phone, that’s a personal preference. If you like Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, then great, the Miracle is likely going to be the perfect budget phone. If you don’t … well then you don’t. Maybe you’ll change your mind when you see the next version of the OS later this year.

[Via: Unwired View]

  • First thing I see is… another touchscreen device that is not very distinguishable from most of the other touchscreen devices irrelevant of OS.

  • I can not see the difference between this and my HTC Tropy 

  • Anonymous

    this look like samsung focus s 

  • Dimitris Argirakis

    I cant see the difference between this any almost any other Windows phone.

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