BlackBerry 10 leaked, looks like iOS and Android went half on a baby

Believe or not, we’re still a quarter or so away from the long-awaited launch of the first RIM device to run the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Well, today, we at least got a sneak peek of what to expect from the Canadian phone makers upcoming OS, thanks to some leaked documents that landed in the hands of CrackBerry.

These documents were meant for the company’s advertising and marketing partners, as it includes several photos that reveal what an early version of BlackBerry 10 may look like. If you check out the picture above, it looks like a BlackBerry Torch 9860 infused with what looks to be an operating system that resembles both iOS and Android. In another pic (on the CrackBerry site) you can see widgets that resemble a tile look, which puts off a Windows Phone-esque vibe.

Moreover, you’ll see an Android-like app layout, lots of email polish, folders with apps in them, new artwork, new icons and etc. That said, what I saw wasn’t necessarily a game changer. In fact, it looked like something that should have been out already. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not disrespecting BB 10, as it looks to be very promising — I’m just not wowed. Just because I’m not wowed doesn’t mean this new offering from RIM won’t thrill some BlackBerry users, somewhere.

[via BI]

  • Making folders and placing apps in them was done by BB first ios and android copied it form BB email by smart phone was done by BB first and yet apple is out suing people cause there phone can send emails and use apps. If anyone has a right to sue the pants off everyone in the smart phone market its RIM.

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