Where’s PlayBook OS 2.0? Look for it to come at MWC

Research In Motion promised that its PlayBook would get the really-nice 2.0 software in February and I’m sure many of you have been looking at your calendar and rapidly hitting your “check for update” button. Your wait may soon be over, as a RIM representative told PC Mag that the PlayBook 2.0 OS should be released at the end of the month around the time of Mobile World Congress.

For those who don’t remember, the PlayBook 2.0 is highly anticipated because it brings native e-mail, calendar and more BlackBerry Bridge capabilities to the tablet. We liked the PlayBook in our official review but we were really disappointed that a BlackBerry product didn’t have its own native e-mail and calendar capabilities.

We saw the PlayBook OS 2.0 and CES and we were impressed and think it was almost worth the wait. You have the e-mail and calendar that you’d expect but RIM has taken the time to make sure that the user interface is beautiful and it smartly layered in social media features. For example, you can tie in your social media connections to your calendar and then search for events based on people, not just appointments. The new BlackBerry Bridge are also pretty cool, as you can use your smartphone as a remote for your tablet.

Check out our video of PlayBook OS 2.0 from CES 2012 and let us know what you think.

[Via PC Mag]

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