Metro Block-it lets MetroPCS customers block texts and calls from select phone numbers

Metro Block-it lets MetroPCS customers block texts and calls from select phone numbers

PrivacyStar and MetroPCS unveiled Metro Block-it, a call and text message blocking service that also allows customers to directly file complaints against telemarketers and debt collectors with the Federal Trade Commission.

Initially, the service is available for Android smartphones only, but it will soon be expanded to include BlackBerrys and feature phones.

Using the application, folks are able to block unwanted calls and text messages from individual numbers, as well as all private and unknown numbers. Once blocked, these numbers can be managed directly from the phone, enabling easy monitor of all activities and the ability to block and unblock callers and see when and how many times a blocked number has tried to be in contact. Additionally, users can report potential Do Not Call Registry and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act violations directly from their phones.

Metro Block-it is available to download on the phone via the @metro App store. Initially users get a 30-day free unlimited trial of the application and then the service can easily be continued for $1.00 per month…

  • Mommyharri

    I like the metro number and text block but how do you do it.  I cant figure out what keys to hit on my phone.  Please help.

  • FDCPA Lawyer

    Last time I checked, Metro PCS’s system was not compatible with services that allow cell phone owners to *identify* the debt collector or telemarketer that it calling call them.  Knowing who the caller is would benefit consumers much more but Metro’s technology isn’t (or wasn’t) there yet.  

    • Reese

      As a metro customer I can confirm yes they do have the capability of displaying phone numbers of telemarketers and debt collectors.

  • tamie

    i hve the metro block it i block it i blocked a num frm callin or txtin so does it mean the num im also blocked frm callin or txtin that num

  • frustrating crap to deal with

    I get txt msgs from People on facebook but i have no fb account. Obv. An old number was assigned to my phone and never taken off their fb contact info. Blockit will not work, as i was told it would only 10 digit phone numbers can be blocked or i have to block all of my txt msgs

    Why cant i block indv txts?

  • oo at doesn’t work. I have a number blocked that just called me on the phone. when I tried to re-block it the phone said this # is already blocked. Then why is it calling me? Metro sucks

  • JoeBobBillyBobSmith

    I never did anything to add it to my system, and I never noticed it until it started popping up a bunch of msgs about how it had expired. Now it bothers me on a regular basis. Since it is harassing me, I uninstalled it. Now I get msgs about how it needs “an update” on a regular basis. As best I can tell, it’s crapware by scam artists. It claims to be a way to keep people from bothering you, but what it’s actually doing is being the one that is bothering me, and demanding that I pay them for being assholes. That is not going to happen.

  • Gail

    The Block-It app works, but it sends the calls directly to voicemail. If I don’t want the person calling, I also don’t want them leaving a voicemail.

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