Google optimizes Flight Search for Android, iOS

Google added Flight Search to its list of services optimized for the mobile web. Android and iOS users can access Flight Search – which Google launched last September – as a desktop-exclusive search feature the mobile version may be a much more convenient way to identify flight schedules while traveling.

Just like on a computer, Google baked Flight Search right into the standard search functionality. If you were to search “flights from San Francisco to New York City” in the regular search field, flight schedules for both cities would appear at the top of the results page. Tapping the main headline brings you to the full list of flights. There, you can modify the locations or dates and filter down by price or duration. Once you find your ideal flight, tap the one you want to get more details or book it.

Google Maps is also integrated with Flight Search to provide a clear view from point A to point B and to show other airports nearby for consideration.

It makes sense for Google to add Flight Search to mobile devices, especially because our smartphones tend to be associated with travel way more than desktop or laptop computers are. If you’re already in the midst of traveling, using a smartphone to check flight times just comes naturally. Google is arguably the easiest way to book a flight.

Flight Search is not a native app for Android and iOS. Instead, it’s a small feature of Google for the mobile web, where it shines quite nicely.

[via Engadget]


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