Rumor: Google to sell Android powered glasses by the end of this year

The first computers barely fit into a space the size of your apartment. With time they obviously got smaller, and if you consider that the smartphone in your pocket is a computer, then we’ve definitely made some progress. And yet, how come computers haven’t become small enough that they disappear? Google is apparently working on that according to The New York Times, who says that the search giant wants to come out with a pair of glasses that have a tiny screen which displays an Android based operating system that you navigate by swiveling and tilting your head. This futuristic device will be comparable in cost with today’s smartphones, they’ll be able to connect to a 3G/4G network, and … oh who are we kidding, this idea is batshit insane. People are already struggling with curbing their addiction to the internet, and Google thinks the future is strapping an always on computer to your head?

In a perfect world, which will never exist, but play along for a second, we would all share a pool of computing devices that were spread amongst public spaces. That computer that’s sitting on your desk not being used, that’s a waste of precious metals. That smartphone you’re constantly using to see if anyone liked your Facebook status update, that’s not only a waste of precious metals, but someone had to work in hellish conditions to make that. Google’s motivation to do anything is to get you to watch ads so you can buy more shit. Why aren’t they working on making us have to work less, enjoy our lives more, and more importantly not try to make us feel a need to buy garbage we don’t need?

The future of technology is to have it there when we need it, and out of sight when we don’t.

[Image Credit: Johnny Mnemonic (1995)]

  • Solecontro3

    terrible article

  • I hope Google invents a time machine so they can send the author of this article back to 1812 where it seems he’d be most happy with the state of technology.

    Are we inching closer and closer to the point that we’re always connected to the internet, ya probably.  But that’s not to say anyone is forcing it down anyone’s throat.  Don’t like it?  Then just ignore it.  The rest of us are going to enjoy the evolution of this though, so please keep your rants to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Part of me loves the audacity of Google working on this but then I remember the goal is to just have pre-roll ads on real life. 

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