Verizon suffers widespread LTE outage [Update]

If you wake up and discover the LTE connection on your Verizon 4G phone is not working, you are not alone. According to reports from BGR and Engadget, Verizon’s LTE network is down in select parts of the country. Engadget has received reports of outages in Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Verizon’s twitter account confirms “VZW is investigating customer issues in connecting to the LTE data network. 3G data, voice and text services are operating reliably.”

If you are having problems with 4G, then you will have to sit tight until Verizon gets things straightened out. Until then, you can force your handset to connect to 3G only or seek out a local Wi-Fi hotspot.

Update: It looks like service is back up but you have to wonder why Verizon has so many 4G LTE outages.

[Via Engadget and BGR]

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