Hands-on (almost): Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD

Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD

We already know Huawei is getting really serious about tablets. Their original MediaPad (which is offered by T-Mobile and AT&T in the U.S.) is a solid 7 incher and now they’re out with a 10-inch model called MediaPad 10 FHD, where “FHD” means it has a 1920×1200 pixels screen. Moreover, the 8.8mm-thick (or that’s thin) tablet rocks Huawei’s K3V2 quad-core processor clocking at 1.5GHz, and most likely (we haven’t got the full specs sheet) some 3G/4G and Wi-Fi connectivity support, decent amount of built-in storage (32GB?), Bluetooth, sensors and so on.

In terms of design, the new MediaPad looks like its predecessor, boasting an all-metal back with a plastic cutout on the top, presumingly for making wireless radio reception possible. In that sense, it does remind us on the HTC Flyer, though we can’t tell they actually stole the design – one could see they invested significant effort to make MediaPad 10 FHD a real product.

On the other hand, we can’t say it feels like a best Android tablet we ever touched, though I guess that’s not the point at this moment. You see, the Huawei brand is still not as known as Samsung, Motorola or Toshiba, and it’s my sense the MediaPad 10 will be a more affordable (rather than premium) option. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised that this quad-core device ends up selling for less than some dual-core tablets.

Yup, if priced correctly (i.e. not too expensive), they may have a winner here. We’ll see how that goes and in the meantime, check out our (almost) hands-on gallery below. That’s “almost” because we actually weren’t allowed to play with the MediaPad 10 FHD — rather we could only touch the device from Huawei-employed models’ hands, making our photos that much better. 😉

  • Hundreds of tablets available in the market. Actually consumers are confused about the quality and about which table they really needs.

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