Mobile World Congress 2012: Google goes gaga for Android [Video]

Google Booth at MWC 2012

We thought last year’s Google booth was a sight to behold but the Android maker has upped its game for Mobile World Congress. While the layout is similar to last year, Google is promoting a host of new servies, apps and partners. Also, it has by far the most fun booth at the show.

If you’re a fan of that bug droid who represents Android, then you’d go crazy at the Google booth because he’s dressed up in all sorts of ways. Like last year, there are multiple demo stations to show off apps of all kind and there’s a conveyer belt showing off all the Android devices out there (quite an impressive list now). The gigantic Google slide makes its return, as does a smoothie bar to quench the thirst of hot conference-goers.

Google didn’t have Google Music at last year’s show, so the service got its own cool little corner of the booth. Google Books and Ice Cream Sandwich were also shown off to attendees.

Two cool things that stood out to me was being able to use a tablet for a claw game where you could win a stuffed Android to call your own – it used the same technology that I used to control a 5,000-pound labyrinth. There was also a truly robotic bug droid which was making gem-encrusted Android cases.

Check out the video and gallery below for all the fun.

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