Nokia Lumia 610: The first device running Windows Phone Tango, just 190 EUR

Nokia just announced the Lumia 610, their cheapest Windows Phone to date. If it looks familiar, then you’re right. It has the same design as the 18 month old Nokia C7, which was recycled last summer to become the 701, but whereas both those devices were made out of metal, the Lumia 610 is all plastic. In terms of specifications, every Windows Phone that’s ever shipped either has a 1 GHz or 1.4 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM, this little sucker has an 800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. We need some extensive hands-on time to see how it performs, but initial impressions are pretty good. Now we were expecting Nokia to cut back on other specifications, like the camera and display, but this doesn’t appear to be the case. The Lumia 610 has a 5 megapixel camera and a 3.7 inch 800 x 480 pixel resolution screen. All of that will cost you just 190 Euros when it lands in Q2 of this year.

The bigger question is where will this device ship? If it gets sold in rich Western European countries and North America, then will people buy this thing instead of the more expensive Lumia 710? Also, how will developers deal with the lower end specifications of the Lumia 610 since it’s the first of its kind? Say hello to Windows Phone fragmentation, it finally had to happen folks. All that being said, we’re extremely excited about this device. When other companies have attempted to sell low end smartphones, they basically put Android on the lowest end hardware that would run it. That resulted in piss poor performance and a user experience that would make you want to pull your hair out. This thing on the other hand, it looks like it can bridge that gap between feature phone and smartphone.

What say you, are you excited about the Lumia 610 and how it fits into Nokia’s strategy?

[Image Credit: SlashGear]

  • Rob

    A lot of Phone for the money

    • I think my HTC Trophy is better

  • Goncalogmk

    800 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM? On Q2 it’ll be obsolete, for that price range you’ll get a 1Ghz at least and 512MB of RAM, it looks very fluid indeed, but when you start installing the apps you want, it will be damn slow.Like RIM, Nokia is dying, just slower and at least they try to do something…

    • KAmote

      Have you ever tried using Nokia Lumia (800 or 710)?

      • Goncalogmk

        We’re talking about the 610 not 800 nor 710 that have some better specs (just a bit) lol.
        But in regard to your question, yes, I did test them, both, but for the price range of the 800 I’ll stay with my SGS S2 or the iPhone 4 of my wife. By far, better.

        • John

          Yes… You’re right. iPhone is far better. Far better at showing off.

  • wow when will you Android high tech heads realize that the Windows Phone 7 series OS was designed to work well on 1ghz single core CPU”s and that is a feat in itself because Single cores use less battery power If this 610 response is good then it shows the superiority of the Microsoft Windows 7 series OS over the Android OS in low end smart phones this is exciting. now folks can have a cheap smart phone that works well enough be worth having and that is real cool.. 

    • Goncalogmk

      Never said otherwise. Android also works well on sub-Ghz processors. Remember, Android was first built on a 528 MHz CPU, HTC Dream remember? But tech evolves, people evolve, and the costs go down, that’s the way it goes. But my criticism isn’t to Microsoft, (hell, I really like wm7), it’s to nokia, I was once a Nokia fan boy, but when I saw year after year of the same, I got bored, why spend 500€ on a phone that’s the same as the one I had 5 years ago? that’s symbian for you. 
      But really, I really am eager to see WM 8, iPhone 5, SGS3, I’m a tech geek, not a fanboy anymore. This thing, Nokia 610 in my eyes, is just an offordable windows phone, it’s feature phone with a decent SO, nothing more, and when it gets released you’ll see, for that price, you’ll get much better, Nokia isn’t the only one making phones nowadays.

      • Microsoft is going backwards

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