Telefónica, Mozilla team-up to create web-based phone architecture

Telefónica, Mozilla team-up to create web-based phone architecture

After launching its mobile app store, Mozilla is taking another step forward to grow its mobile operations. They’ve teamed-up with Spanish Telefónica to create a phone architecture that relies entirely on web technologies, with the entire device capabilities developed using HTML5 and executed via the Firefox web browser.

As part of this scheme, the two parties will improve the HTML5 standard with new interfaces that will enable them to access the full range of device features, including sensors, cameras, radios and so on. Furthermore, the plan is to standardize this custom HTML5 through W3C.

Aside from Telefónica, it has been reported that Deutsche Telekom is also working with Mozilla on related Boot to Gecko project, though we still wait to get any official word on that.

HTML5-based phone technology does sound promising, and now that we have processing power to handle the complex JavaScript, it may actually happen. We’ll be definitely watching this story and let you know as soon as we hear something new. Stay tuned…

  • Jaminxu

    how about Chrome OS? something similar

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