Verizon: Loyal customers can get a free Razr, Nexus, Stratosphere

Verizon Wireless is sending out a special promotion to the email inboxes of its current customers. Those due for an upgrade can obtain a high-end smartphone completely free with a two-year contract. The qualifying handsets are the Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and Samsung Stratosphere.

There’s just one small condition: the promotion only applies to Verizon Wireless subscribers in the south; ergo, it’s not nationwide.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic deal for customers who do qualify. The Galaxy Nexus and Droid Razr usually go for $299.99 a piece on contract, yet Verizon is literally shredding hundreds of dollars off of the price just to get you to stay with the carrier for another two years. Don’t worry too much about Verizon though — it will make all that money back from those monthly data fees mandatory with any smartphone.

I’d venture to guess that Verizon is doing this to push regular dumbphone owners into buying a smartphone. Since this is only for customers about to sign another two-year contract, that means the last handset they bought was in 2009 or 2010 and it probably was not a smartphone. Well played, Big Red.

Not only is this beneficial for the carrier, but Google wins too. All three of the handsets being offered for free run Android. Were you thinking about switching to an iPhone  or even a Windows Phone device? If money is at all an object to you, a free Android phone will probably beat spending around $200 for a competing smartphone.

[via Droid-Life]

  • Hzyoddy

    I am very disappointed in verizon.  We have been customers for 10 years we now have 5 lines and are a month and a half away from an upgrade.  I have contacted there chat specialists on upgrading. First of all very unwilling to help, second I see there are specials that “new” customers get a droid 3 for 9.99 but it will cost us 149.00. How fair is that.  Doesn’t upgrade mean I should be able to recieve a phone better than I have now.  Well this is not true either.  I can get a free phone if I am willing to downgrade from the droid I have now.

  •  Just a heads up on this article. I have tried to get to the bottom of this since I first read it. I have spoken in person to one Verizon rep., on the phone to a Verizon rep. from a local Verizon store and on the phone with customer service at Verizon’s main #. Not one of these people knew anything about this offer. The last person helping me today did a lengthy search for every single promotion and he said this one does not exist. If anyone finds out that it does or receives an email for the free upgrade, please let us all know.

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