Samsung S Pen SDK 2.0 is out

Samsung S Pen SDK 2.0 is out

Samsung keeps updating its S Pen SDK, allowing developers to make apps that run on the Galaxy Note devices. Version 2.0 of the SDK is out, packing a number of improvements over the previous release (version 1.5), including:

  • SCanvasView Class inherited from CanvasView has been added – so that developers can animate their drawings and record/play audio files over it. Moreover, it allows for special effects such as scratch, mosaic, blur, sketch, etc.
  • Added new Library Class – SAMM (Samsung Animated Multimedia Messaging), which is used for encoding/decoding of multimedia data supporting drawing, text, stamp, icon, snapshot image, voice and data exchange between apps using the same SDK.
  • Drawing improvements – enhanced stroke and segmentation rendering, added undo function after clear, and the ability to add image and text to the CanvasView.

In addition, some defects of the SDK 1.5 have been corrected and source code for the new features added.

Interested developers can get the S Pen SDK 2.0 from here and if their app rocks, potentially win something at Sammy’s S Pen app challenge.

  • Ryan Stevens


    do you know if you can chop of the “pen” drop down box so I can just have the colors option or just have the pen tip options?  I am thinking of having a tool bar with colors, tips, width, and so on.  But to do that we would need to be able to divide up the pen options box….any thoughts?Thanks!

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