Windows 8 consumer preview: review roundup

Windows 8 Consumer preview press conference

Microsoft took to the stage at MWC and unveiled the lastest pre-release version of Windows 8. The Consumer Preview version of the OS is available for public download and you can grab the ISO file from Microsoft’s website.

Sadly, this build is for desktops and not tablets, so we will have a wait a bit before we can try it on a mobile device. Early reviews from people who have used the tablet version suggest Windows 8 provides a better tablet experience than Android or webOS. The UI is smooth and responsive and the Windows 8 store has some attractive apps. Windows 8 also has the advantage of being consistent across a variety of hardware so you’ll get that same look and feel on your desktop, tablet and phone.

Several online writers got an early look at Windows 8 and have posted up full reviews of Microsoft’s next generation platform. You can read what they have to say about Windows 8 using the links below:

If you’re downloading Windows 8, here are two guides to help you with a fresh installa developer install and a dual-boot install. There’s also a short write-up of  Windows 8 and its link to Xbox from Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson). Any Windows fans out there excited by the changes Microsoft is making to its desktop and mobile platform?

  • I really do not like Metro Ui

  • Do not force us on your products MS

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