Confirmed: Nokia 808 PureView not launching in North America

Earlier today, we reported that Nokia’s PureView technology, which took the press world by storm at Mobile World Congress last week, will be landing in Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. While we would certainly have to wait until around the holidays to get our hands on Windows Phone PureView goodness, little was known about the U.S. fate of the Symbian OS-running PureView 808 that the technology was initially featured on.

Since our report, PhoneArena was perusing the product page for the Nokia 808 PureView device, and discovered a footnote that indicated that the 808 would not be making its way to North America. The 808 will be launching in multiple markets outside of North America, however, launching globally a bit later this year.

This move should come as no surprise to anyone, however. Symbian isn’t exactly a relevant smartphone platform in the US, with the significant majority of the U.S. adopting Android, iOS, RIM/Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. Symbian is largely on the way out worldwide as Nokia fully embraces the Windows Phone platform, so releasing a phone in a market that doesn’t in any way support that phone’s OS was a good move for Nokia.

Though we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get our hands on Nokia’s insane 41 megapixel sensor-packing PureView technology, they should make up for it with a powerful device running the hotly-anticipated Windows Phone 8 Apollo platform. We’ll keep you up to speed with PureView as more device start coming out of the woodwork.

[via TechCrunch, PhoneArena]

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