Google web history now accessible on your iOS or Android device

Google has introduced a new way to do search from your iOS and Android devices. Android users are probably already familiar with the handy Chrome to Phone tool, which allows Android users to install an extension on the Google Chrome (or Firefox) browser on their PC, and click a button to send the webpage you were visiting instantly to your Android smartphone or tablet. This tool has been a Godsend on numerous occasions since it launched back in 2010, and today’s introduction from Mountain View has the potential to be pretty useful in a similar way.

Most of us use Google to search for information about a place or event before going to it, only to have to search again once you’ve gone mobile. Starting today, if you search for something on your computer, and navigate on your phone’s browser to, you will now find all your recent search history on a handy “Recent” icon on the main screen. Of course, you will have to be logged into your Google account on both devices, and you’ll need to have web history enabled on your Google account in order to take advantage of Google’s latest offering. Web history will be synced for about a day, so don’t expect Google to hang onto searches for very long.

Of course, the storage doesn’t appear to go both ways, meaning you likely won’t be able to see what you’ve searched for on your mobile devices while using Chrome for PC/Mac, but we suspect Google will incorporate that change in the not-too-distant future. Though not as feature-rich as Chrome to Phone, the recent search tool for smartphones should come in pretty useful on many occasions. Be sure to check out Google’s blog for more info, and happy searching!

[via Google Mobile Blog]


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