Rumor: Verizon cancels Nokia “OM” Windows Phone

A rumor is spreading that Verizon has canceled plans to offer a Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 device. This handset, codenamed Om, was shelved by Big Red following concerns over Windows Phone’s lack of LTE support. Speculation of an imminent launch of a Verizon Windows Phone has been swirling for weeks, with the company rumored to bring a CDMA version of the popular Lumia 800 to its stores.

The largest wireless cell provider in the United States put its Windows Phone plans on hold until later this year, which was total bummer for Microsoft, as its retail stores were set on stocking the device for January and early February, according to The Verge. This suggest that Verizon Wireless is all about Windows Phone 8 later this year; this is a similar position The Now Network is taking as well, as the company awaits a rumored WP8 powered dual-core LTE handset.

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, especially since all wireless providers are putting a huge focus on 4G LTE. Right now, most Windows Phone devices in its current state can’t run on LTE networks, so it makes practical sense for cell phone companies like Sprint and Verizon to just wait for the newest Windows mobile operating system to roll out. Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” is shaping up to be a very interesting competitor to mobile giants Apple iOS and Google Android.

[The Verge]



  • l’m dream phone.i like this mobile…

  • Anonymous

    HTC Titan II and Nokia Lumia 900 both support LTE.

    I don’t know what Verizon’s excuse could be.

  • Nokia Lumia 900 supports LTE but it’s destined for AT&T and not Verizon probably because AT&T is favored by Microsoft. Me thinks your article needs some more research.

  •  To date, the only Windows Phone that has launched on Verizon is the HTC Trophy.

  •  To date, the only Windows Phone that has launched on Verizon is the HTC Trophy.

  • Guest

    screw verizon.

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