New Path 2.1 update with developer API just unlocked a world of sharing

Path is out with version 2.1 of its mobile social networking app and it has a bunch of new sharing features in time for SXSW 2012, including a new API for developers to tap into Path and allow users to share virtually all activity on any service.

The first to utilize this API is Nike+ in a partnership with Path. Hooking up your Nike+ account with your Path account can automatically share running activity with your friends on Path and optionally push it a step further and share on Facebook or Twitter. Path will show your running trail on a map and where along that trail people cheered you on. As usual, users following along with your life can smile or love this activity and comment natively within the app as well. This is just the beginning of what the developer API can offer and just like Facebook’s Graph API for Timeline, I’m sure developers will get very creative and unleash a world of potential.

Path also has some other enhancements shipping with version 2.1. Music match is one, which uses the microphone on your device to figure out what you’re listening to and share it. Think Shazam or SoundHound. The camera has a few improvements such as a new lens (read: filter) and a new way to adjust focus and exposure. The “Pow!” lens adds a cool comic book effect to the photo.

The app also makes minor changes to certain functionality: tap and hold a profile picture in the comments view for its full size, play a song or video now shows up as activity, and the Pro, Ansel, Instant, Diana, and Lomo lenses have all been tweaked. Bug fixes are a given, too.

Path just made it a bit easier to journal your life on the go and keep up with loved ones, especially for this year’s SXSW attendees. The big news here of course is the API, but that takes time to blossom. Path 2.1 is available now for iOS and is expected soon for Android.

[via PandoDaily]

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