HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich update is now live in parts of Europe

HTC Sensation Ice Cream Sandwich update is now live in parts of Europe

Reports from around the web suggest some HTC Sensation users in Europe have started getting their serving of Ice Cream Sandwich. While we don’t see the pattern HTC is using to rollout the new firmware, it is clear that at first only folks with unlocked devices are getting Android 4.0.3.

The Taiwanese company is strangely quiet (for such a big news), so we keep listening to other people and their reactions. As far as we’ve understood, alongside Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC is also pushing updated version (3.6) of its Sense UI.

If you’re one of the lucky few affected with this, make sure to tell us that in the comments below. Also spare no details describing all the new stuff you got with the new firmware…

Needless to say, as soon as we hear something new on this, you’ll be the first to know. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

[Via: EuroDroid]

  • guest

    got it!

    • Berlin

      UAE,Dubai Still Waiting..

      • Balamurali13

        got it in sweden..yay

  • Rune

    Ready in Norway! 

  • Rune

    It’s installed.  Beautiful, snappy, different.  Great step fwd!

  • Satendra100

    i am still waiting …

  • Asian waiting….

  • Mkamal06

    Egypt still waiting 

  • Sk

    India is still waiting… 

    • Balvinder Singh

      Have you got it now ?

  • Pakistan::Waiting 😐

  • Anonymous

    Spain still waiting…

  • M Florincristian

    Got it in Romania, it’s smooth!

    • android

      Unde, cand, cum?

    • Alex

      eu nu got it inca pe sensation, tu cum ai reusit?

  • Steven06

    Htc sensation 4.0 update uk do you know when 

  • Sfqf

     Belgium is still waiting

  • Bram

     Belgium is still waiting

  • jomart

    Croatia is still waiting:(

  • Still waiting in the Netherlands.

  • Blazeyzem

    Poland … waiting …

  • Ukraine waiting…

  • New York still waiting 🙁

  • Nullnull007

    Im still waiting in germany but I bought my phone in luxemburg

  • Ahmedpatel96

    Zimbabwe, still waiting. Do u know when i will get update and also when i can update galaxy s2 through kies

  • Cubric

    Brunei….Still waiting

  • Chewy

    uk is still waiting

  • Priya0306

    Got ICS on my Sensation OTA here in Sri Lanka just 6 hours ago. No problems at all. Thank you HTC for the great job.

  • Mchevry

    Just received it in Singapore, working great, cannot find android beam though.

    • you probably won’t find it — unless you have NFC on your phone

  • Jan Wilms

    Belgium … still waiting *sigh*

  • cpy

    Fake, SVK still nothing.

  • Joel

    Just got it literally 2 mins ago in Australia! AMAZING!

    • Louisa Daly-whittington

      What network?

  • Stephan

    Still waiting in the Netherlands….

  • Alex

    just got it in Romania 🙂

  • Anonymous

    just got it in HU right now!

  • Anonymous

    Still waiting in phoenix az

  • Guest

    Brussels still waiting.

  • Hmorton6

    United Kingdom – Got it 2 days ago.  (HTC Sensation XE)

  • Vahe

    Got it yesterday, but there is an issue wifi is not working any more…

  • Lokesh Gupta

    India, Still Waiting!!!

  • Javier

    Got it in Spain! Installing now!

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