LG, Samsung say 3D smartphones have a future

Gameloft to optimize its games for LG Optimus 3D Max

When it comes to the American consumer and 3D handsets, LG and Samsung refuse to take no for an answer, as both South Korean manufacturers aren’t ready to throw the towel in on mobile 3D technology just yet.

Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo is a dreamer who envisions smartphones that can simultaneously power 3D HD video streams on different screens, like a monitor or TV. The Samsung exec believes this can be done with the combination of powerful mobile processors and smart developers pushing the envelope. Too optimistic?

One thing DiCarlo did have to say to CNet that was reasonable, “There’s nothing to keep your phone or tablet from taking over your set-top box.” I happen to agree with that stance.

Jumping on the same theme as DiCarlo, Henry Nho, a Mobile Platform Architect at LG, also told CNet it sees the 3D potential that’s tied to juiced-up processing power. The engineer added, “When you record video and pictures, the smartphone camera will have the power to take 2D and 3D images and movies simultaneously, so you can later choose which version you want to view.”

This all sounds very promising, but the two men fail to realize what’s keeping people from buying 3D technology in droves — and that’s poor visual quality. None of these guys from LG and Samsung discussed at detail the improvements that need to be made on the imaging side of things when it comes to the mobile department.

In the end, 3D on the handset side is still a few years away, albeit, in the past there’s been some phone releases like HTC EVO 3D and LG Thrill 4G to test the waters. However, if LG and Samsung are truly dedicated to making the 3D platform a success here in the states then it might be worth the wait after all.

Source: CNet


  • 3D is a flop. Ever since the 1950s 3D fad to today’s fad, it’s just that, a fad. People like it for a short time, then when they get tired of the glasses and the headache that comes with wearing them, they eschew 3D for good old-fashioned 2D.

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