Nokia opens a “Where’s my Phone Update?” site of its own

Nokia has taken the wraps off a new tool to help users of Nokia’s Windows Phone devices figure out whether or not a software update is available for their smartphone. The tool was inspired (or, perhaps, commissioned) by Microsoft, who once offered a “Where’s My Phone Update?” tool of their own but abandoned it once it became too complicated to maintain.

Nokia’s tool provides a by-carrier, by-country breakdown of the current status of each of Nokia’s Windows Phone platforms in all countries around the world. Users begin by selecting their region and country, and are then presented with a master list that contains update availability for all Nokia devices on all carriers in that country. For even more information on the upgrades, Nokia provides a frequently asked questions document that explains the benefit of the upgrade, as well as provides a greater level of detail of all the included bug fixes.

It will be interesting to see whether Nokia’s tool will go the way of Microsoft as Nokia’s Windows Phone offerings increase in number over time. Managing an update schedule across a vast number of devices everywhere they’re available can get very time-consuming (and costly) very quickly. For now, if you happen to own a Nokia Windows Phone device, you’ll have one more handy tool at your disposal as you make the most out of your devices.

[via WinSuperSite, Nokia]

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