AT&T launches website that shows local towers in select locations

Do you wonder why your AT&T phone coverage is horrible in your home, but fantastic on your commute? Ever see an odd-looking tree and wonder if it’s a cell phone tower or a tree? If you ask those questions and more, then you should check out AT&T’s mobile network webpage. The page lists all the towers and network upgrades in select metropolitan and surrounding locations. It’s detailed enough to let you find towers within 2500 feet of your location.

Not surprisingly the site emphasizes the new cell towers, broadband upgrades and other improvements that AT&T is making to its network. Though it’s useful to know where improvements are being made, the website does double duty as a public relations site designed to help quell disgruntled customers and smooth over the networks problems that plagued AT&T for the past few years.  These problems are less frequent now and this website is an easy way to visually communicate AT&T’s network improvements to the people who matter the most – their customers.

[Via AT&T]

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