Wealthy smartphone owners are older, non-gamers who don’t tweet

Surprise, surprise … it turns out rich folks do not tweet or play games on their smartphones. Seriously, I mean, how could you if you’re too busy making all that gwop (cash, for the slang challenged), right? 

Well, according to a new study by the Luxury Institute, our wealthier brethren are less likely to play games or tweet, instead, they opt for more exciting things such as news, travel or finance applications.

The Luxury Institute got its research by focusing on app usage among wealthy consumers, who earn an annual income of $150,000 or more. These special group of people tend to be older, with an average age of 52. The research company explained its findings:

“As you get older and have family and significant others, aging parents, and a lot more assets and investments, you’re going to need apps for far more relevant things than playing games and chatting with your peers.”

I know, sounds boring. Besides being sparingly conservative on their smartphones, the study found that rich people do spice things up a bit by using Facebook and Angry Birds, the two most popular downloads of 2011.

Some other interesting findings included Forty-five percent of wealthy smartphone users own an iPhone, followed by 35 percent with an Android device and 25 percent who had a Blackberry. This iPhone and Android dominance reflects the overall numbers Nielsen reported a few days ago, when they found 48 percent chose an Android device while 43 percent bought an iPhone and just 5 percent a BlackBerry.

Furthermore, the study showed that wealthier consumers download about half as many apps as the average consumer, and 67 percent have used their mobile device to shop for products or services online with tickets, gift cards, food or electronics.


  • Anonymous

    This should come as no “surprise” really. I just dont see Donald Trump or Bill Gates playing Angry Birds  🙂

  • Damn, my usage patterns are just the same…pity my income isn’t too 🙁

  • Snake Plissken

    In other news, the sun gives us light here on Earth.

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