Google Project Glass could be Android-powered augmented reality glasses

Google released a new video entitled “Project Glass: One day…” and shows off what could possibly be the set of Android powered augmented reality glasses we heard about not long ago. The video shows what the world could be like one day using a device like this.

We’ve heard that the glasses will only have a screen on one of the lenses, and the user will be able to navigate through menus by tilting their head. Sure, the concept sounds interesting, but necessary? These glasses give the tablet more of a use case.

Said to have the innards of a year’s old Android phone (single core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, low res camera, microphone), the glasses may be released before the end of the year. That said, device could possibly cost as much as an unsubsidized smartphone, $500+.

The video below essentially goes through a day while using said device, which gives you access to your texts, calls, and more. Whats interesting is that the voice actions were mainly used to control the device, which makes sense, as we doubt Google will be packing a keyboard with a device such as this. If this truly is the only way to get text into the device, Google either feels very confident with its voice recognition software or a significant update is on the way. Google Voice Search is decent enough for searches but it’s a bit harder to do when you have a lot of noise surrounding you.

If we’re lucky, we may get a taste of this device during the Google I/O this coming June, where we can expect the search giant to unveil the next version of Android, Jelly Bean, and possibly the upcoming Nexus tablet.

Of all the devices you have on your must-have list, are augmented reality glasses a part of it? Do you think Google Project Glass could be anything other than these glasses?

  • Chris Fitzgerald

    Please integrate into my prescription glasses. PLEASE!

    This is very cool tech… hopefully it won’t end up like the Microsoft Surface.



  • Cool ! Love it ! Seems like the Jetson age is not very far off.

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