Amazon Appstore gets in-app purchases

The Amazon Appstore has been quite successful so far and Amazon is trying to make it even more attractive for developers by enabling in-app purchases for Android phones and the Kindle Fire tablet.

The In-App Purchasing API is supposed to provide a simple, secure way for app developers to create a 1-click (trademarked, remember) way to buy good within games. If you don’t think this is a big deal, you haven’t been paying attention to the app space over the last few years.

When the Apple App Store first came out, we saw a few overnight millionaires who sold millions of apps at 99 cents or so. Over time, we saw that model shift to a free-to-play app that enables users to buy virtual goods within the app. This type of strategy is what enabled Zynga to earn enough money to go public.

What’s crazy to me is that the Amazon Appstore already generates more revenue for developers than Google Play and that’s without in-app purchases. You have to wonder what’s going to happen once this app feature is fully rolled out.

[Via Amazon]

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