Nokia Lumia 900 debuts in Canada, coming soon to the UK

The Nokia Lumia 900 is the best Windows Phone device to date. Sure, Windows Phone has its drawbacks, but those who’ve embraced Microsoft’s budding platform are treated to a gorgeous display, solid camera, and a standout form factor. As a result, the initial reports of Lumia 900 sales are showing some moderate successes, already climbing atop the Amazon charts to become the best-selling on-contract smartphone. It’s success can also be attributed to the price point, at $99.99 in AT&T Stores, and $49.99 on Amazon.

Previously only available in the United States, Nokia’s flagship Lumia device is branching out. The Lumia 900 is on sale on the Rogers network in Canada for $99.99CAD starting today (with 3-year contract), and will launch in the UK at Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse in late April/early May. Phones4U is running the better preorder deal. If you preorder at Phones4U now, they’ll throw in a Nokia Play 360 wireless speaker at no extra charge.

Those not satisfied with the iPhone or the multitude of Android offerings currently available could do a lot worse than the Lumia 900. The only drawback of the Lumia is that it might not be future proof, and could be skipped over when Microsoft launches the  Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” upgrade in the fall.

[via TechCrunch]

  • Anonymous

    The Windows 7 Apps will work on the forthcoming Apollo (WP 8) OS. The Apollo is an upgrade and (according to my information source) it will run on the current LUMIA phone.

    On the other hand, I am now so perfectly happy with my current Nokia LUMIA WP phone that I do not know any reason for OS upgrade …

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