Facebook, Twitter and others now tied into BBM

BlackBerry has announced a handful of applications that will become BBM connected over the next few weeks. Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Travel, BlackBerry App World, and BlackBerry Music will all see apps updated in the next 10 days that will allow users to interact with BBM friends within these applications. You’ll be able to do things like share your favorite apps, status updates, and tweets with your BBM contacts right from within those connected applications.

The BBM app itself is being upgraded to bring BBM Tag Integration support, quicker sending of voice notes, simpler profile updates, as well as new integrations for the previously named applications. Even better, RIM is adding animated avatars to BBM so you can re-live the days of Yahoo and AOL instant messenger.

The closer BBM integration makes it even easier to share your social world, music, and travel plans with your BBM contacts, which could get even more meaningful if RIM ever releases BBM Messenger for Android and iOS devices as they’ve previously planned. While easy sharing is certainly not a new feature in the mobile sphere (Android and iOS have been doing this for a while now), the basic task of sharing will now be much easier for users of the nation’s #3 mobile operating system.

BlackBerry users who want to give these new features a run for their money should check the App World over the next few days for an update to these applications, which are expected to land in the next 10 days or so. Happy sharing!

[via BlackBerry, PhoneScoop]

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