Is the Nokia Lumia 900 selling well or not? Until we have sales data, we can’t say.

Last Monday, Easter Monday, AT&T started selling the Nokia Lumia 900 in the United States. According to The Wall Street Journal, who quotes Paul Roth, President of Retail Sales at AT&T, sales have “exceeded” expectations. What were those expectations in the first place? We’ll never know. Some people point to Amazon’s best sellers list as a leading indicator for the Lumia 900’s success, but guess what, as of today the phone on top is the Motorla Droid RAZR Maxx. Then there’s another signal, AT&T’s own website says that the Lumia 900 is temporarily unavailable. Surely then, that must mean that Nokia’s flagship device has brought the company back to life, right? Not so fast. For one thing, no one cares about Amazon’s best sellers list when it comes to phone sales. Americans buy their devices from operators. And as for AT&T, that announcement that they’d give everyone $100 off a device that’s being sold for $99 most certainly helped bump up sales, but don’t think that AT&T had more than 2 weeks to 3 weeks worth of inventory in their warehouses to feed “demand”.

So when will we know if the Lumia 900 was a smash hit or a dud? In July, when both AT&T and Nokia post their Q2 2012 financial results. Remember how for the longest time we thought AT&T was going to launch the Lumia 900 on the 18th of March? Why didn’t they? Because the last two weeks of March still count as Q1 2012. Imagine the amount of negative press Nokia would receive if AT&T posted horrible Lumia sales during their financial call, due to take place on the 24th?

Being number one on this or that list, being sold out in this or that store, those facts make for great articles that drive page views, but at the end of the day it’s the actual sales data that matters. And that data comes out just four times per year.

  • Anonymous

    Four times per year.  True.  But that hasn’t kept you from posting weekend updates on behalf of Apple, has it?

  • Malcolm Williams

    I’m glad someone else agrees
    the top web sales charts or popularity charts are not good metrics to see if a device is a success. But the reported figures are.

  • Why wouldn’t I post official sales numbers from Apple?

    And yes, as you so rightfully pointed out, I do all my writing on the behalf of Tim Cook. He pays for my cocaine and high class prostitute habit.

    • Hello Howdy

      I have been following Intomobile for quite some time now.  I really think that you are being anti Nokia and to me, that is very unbecoming of a journalist.  Report fairly not with your biasness.  You are not somebody that really matters and your biasness put people like me off this website.

    • Apple pays for that kind of stuff?

      • There’s more, but telling you would violate my NDA.

        • Apple4Ever

          My opinion of Apple has just gotten lower, Appleboy. 

    • Anonymous

      I read that the U.S. Secret Service has a few openings.  Looks like you might just fit in there.

  • Anonymous

    A device that looks as good as Apple, performs in a way comparable to Apple appears, and the author is is scared that there is a possibility that Apple will not iPodize the smartphone sector, so he (and most of the mainstream media) tries to stifle the challenger, even if feeble, to Apple’s domination.

    I wonder why?  Does Apple need support?

  • The $100 was offered by Nokia in response to a 4G connectivity issue.  It is a credit on your AT&T bill.  I don’t think it has much to do with sagging sales.

    If by ‘selling well’ you mean coming close to the supposed 800,000 plus per day Android devices, there is no way it is.  In relative terms to where Windows Phone is in the broader mobile OS market, I am pretty sure it is doing quite well.

    BTW… There is an app for Windows Phone called ‘I’m a wp7’ that has stats.  One of them is a total members counter… presumably of installs of the app.  I have had WP7 since May of 2011.  At that time the counter read 56,000.  I watch that counter every few days or so, and it is now at 271,000.  The rate at which it climbs is increasing too.

    Sure… it isn’t scientific, but we really don’t have much.  If I had to guess, I’d say WP7 at least doubled and probably tripled the number of devices since Nokia released the 800 at the enf of last year.  Looking at the rete the counter is climbing, I’d say they’re selling 20,000 to 30,000 per day.

    Small by Droid and iPhone standards for sure but WP7 is now finally growing.  Now… can that growth keep up with the growth of the mobile market as a whole so market share is gained?  We’ll see.

    • Anonymous

      Nice comment. It contains more relevant info then this article. By the way, didn’t u miss  a figure in the WP7 counter as of today, being 2.710.000 instead of 271.000. Because Nokia alone already sold 1 milion WP7 Lumias last year, and 2 milion in the first quarter of 2012.

      • Jiping Wang

        Maybe not everyone installed that app.

  • Info

    stop talking abaut nokia-w phones: nokia is dead.
    mr Flop can now sell nokia to ms for a handfull of dollars

    • Apple4ever

      IGNORANT, you are.
      Nokia is coming back,.
      Windows phone is AMAZINF 

  • As you mentioned, 
    Americans buy their devices from operators.  Most AT&T stores were closed on Sunday.  That probably helped the RAZR pass the Lumia.  The Lumia is now back on top.

  • We finally have a fun phone, the Lumia 900, that doesn’t run on shareware software given away by a bunch of socialists to a herd of lemmings. We shouldn’t forget Apple and Google can’t even develope software without using a Finnish operating system. It’s amusing to hear American idiots cririzing a Finnish phone manufacturer. The rest of the world isn’t really that ignorant and stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! It is one thing to write an opinion with a slight bent on one side, but this blatently provides wrong and incorrect information to make MS and Nokia look bad.

  • I donot believe the Nokia Lumia 900 is the 2012 Nokia Flag ship smart because it is a Windows 7.5 mango Class smart phone and should be the last of that class of Windows 7 series smart phone to be for sale by Nokia because The Windows 8 Class smart phones coming out later this year that will be made by several Microsoft OEM’s.  Folks just Imagine if you can a Nokia Lumia 1000 with Windows 8 OS and a fast 1.5GHZ dual core CPU, with an HD resolution screen , NFC, Pure vue camera technology with at least 16gigs to 32 gigs of main memory. Folks that is what is coming out later this year. Nokia will probably have a NICE TRADE IN for those who want to go from the Nokia Lumia 900 to the Nokia Lumia 1000 so they wont feel they made a bad deal buying a Nokia 900.. The draw back to these devices is battery life the more tech in a smart phone the more battery  Amps the internal circuits will require to operate it. Nokia would be smart to come out with a Single core CPU smart phone that has Windows 8. a high def screen, NFC Pure vue camera and expandable micro HCSD memory and good battery life as opposed to a dual core smart phone that drains out your battery before the end of the day Nokia make or break date will be by 3rd quarter 2013 if the planet POLE shift does not wipe out humainity

    • Anonymous

      Do you happen to know if LTE is still gonna work after the POLE shift?

  • Anonymous

    At ~$4/share, big money is jumping ship. All the reason to start buying long. Windows 8 hasnt even come out yet and if this is a warm up between NOK and MSFT, then I think end users have a lot to be excited about.
    But for folks that nervously watch day to day  at every bit of news that comes out, you are wasting your time.

  • Brom

    Thats not true, Lumia 900 is AGAIN top of the amazon list

    • Anonymous

      Also they have increased the price for upgrades from $19 to $99.  Doesn’t seem like Amazon is having any trouble selling the phone.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s news when the iPhone sells out at AT&T stores, it’s news when another device does.
    The fact that it is selling out is indication that they are selling better than even AT&T and Nokia expected and they put a lot of money into this launch. They would not have intentionally launched with an artificially low supply when they are fighting to regain traction in the US. They said they wanted to flood the market so you’d have to assume they put as many as they could on the streets and still have the white one coming out next week.
    A lot of people are trying to discredit the fact that this phone is doing well by pointing out the fact that Amazon is not a big part of the mobile market but that’s the only metric we have to go by right now and all indications are that it’s doing very well when looking at the reviews and sales position.
    When you look on the AT&T site and it’s sold out, then Amazon which has the lowest price with contract is sold out of the Cyan model as the black one sits on top, and it has topped both Amazon and AT&T charts for a week, there is no defensible evidence to say that it’s not doing well.

  • Anonymous

    When you talk about the Lumia’s position on Amazons best seller list, rather than comparing it to the Droid on Verizon, you should probably compare it to the next best selling device for AT&T.  The black Lumia has fallen out of the top 100 in “Cell phones and Accessories” this week but it is still hovering around #120.  For comparison, the highest selling Android on AT&T, the Galaxy S 2 is at #1,400.  That tells us that the vast majority of AT&T phone sales through Amazon are for the Lumia 900.  Considering more and more people are flocking to online for their shopping, I would say that is a very important metric.  Obviously we won’t know the final results until official numbers are given, but I think the Lumia seems to be doing better than your skepticism suggests.

    Also your theory on why the Lumia was launched in April is utter BS.  There have been plenty of stories that covered how Nokia, MS, and AT&T rushed as fast as possible to release the 900.  Even Qualcom had to help by redesigning their chip a bit to accommodate LTE.  The data bug with the 900 is an obvious indicator it was rushed.  So please, don’t promote a BS conspiracy theory on the Lumia being delayed for media purposes.

  • I think that Nokia won’t break any sales records but it sure will be stressful recovery in smartphone niche 

  • Anonymous

    Lumia 900 is actually #1 on Amazon still.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is either getting paid by apple or he is just an apple fanboy LOL

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t understand why all the reviews and articles related to Nokia Lumia 900 are so negatively posted..I got this phone on April 6th, 2012 with pre-ordered through at&t & I am loving this phone to death not to mention its design are way more advance & more on humanitarian side. Stop making idiotic comments toward a phone you didn’t even used before.

  • @lucapettini

    Dear Stefan,
    for sure be N#1 and N#2 on Amazon for 1 week (and be N#1 also when it’s not available) doesn’t mean that Nokia is back in US and they sold 10 milion device… of course not. But it’s a good indicator. Sold out in AT&T online store means they sold more than what they expected… nobody want a sold-out…. you risk to loose customers… but if happen is because they expect to sell less… and maybe when u said they start in April to avoid to fall in Q1 is right.. maybe they thought to sell not so good…. but anyway, all indicators available at the moment and all reviews and custormers opinion are pointing more to a good performance than a bad one, don’t u think?

    • What I’m saying is we can’t say it’s good or bad, there’s no real data!

      • @lucapettini

        Also with data, if today i will confirm you that they sold 1 milion L900 on first week… is it good or bad?
        Good and Bad need to be related to Nokia/ATT expectation… if up to now it’s sold out in many places and AT&T say the beat expectation, means they are selling good for them.

        • If today I told you I make $1 million a day … no point in talking about shit that’ll never happen.

          • Kpackoff

            Unfortunately, Stefan Constantinescu is unwilling to acknowledge lucapettini”s simple, logical point.

            At some level, it must be taken as a positive sign, not a negative sign, that ATT has sold out.

            Constantinescu has a bleak future as a journalist if he cannot learn to be more objective.

          • There is no fucking logic, he’s discussing a hypothetical!

  • Nokia has issued a statement that the cyan Lumia 900 has SOLD OUT. AT&T OUT of STOCK was not due to fixing the software. Most buyers applied the fix online. AT&T has been restocked with the black Lumia 900. My take, many in the press, especially Reuters, are anti-Nokia due to the large exposure of hedge funds and mutual funds tothe success of Apple and Google products and stock. The is the type of yellow reporting that amplified the financial crisis and is now doing the smae with the EU crisis. The speed of the web only makes it worse. Flash mobbing in investing and technology. 

  • Gerardo Madrigal

    Interesting point of view. You’re recommending a conservative approach about Nokia, but I think we are possibly near a bottom at this point? Why?

    Number 1 thing is that price drop on Nokia last quarter was due to decrease in sales of Symbian and traditional phones. The Windows Phone is a new phone for Nokia. These figures cannot be predicted as they had never existed.

    Number 2 thing is that the Lumia 900 phone has been well accepted by the U.S. consumers.

  • Vimardo

    havasu46   I completely compete with you, any little thing apple does everyone jumps in with support online, and on TV, however, when Microsoft and now Nokia does something to change the game everyone is hating on TV and online! GOD do not get surprice when Andoids makes Apple look like the Mac compared to PC. 5& of MarketSHare.

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