Select Xbox Live games for Windows Phone get discounted to 99-cents

Windows Phone has a Ford Puma-like problem

WP Central has some good news for Windows Phone gamers. According to their report, seven popular Xbox Live titles are now discounted to 99-cents for the foreseeable future. The list includes high-profile titles like Angry Birds, Burn the Rope, De Blob, Doodle God, IonBallEX, Max and the Magic Marker and Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp.

Most of the games dropped in price from $2.99 to just under a dollar. This price drop is most likely tied to the launch of the Nokia Lumia 900, which AT&T says is selling better than expected. With new customers hopping to Windows Phone, it would be smart of Microsoft to lower the price on select high-profile titles that customers are likely to install on their phone right away.

Pricing parity across platforms may also come into play as customers coming from iOS and Android will expect app prices to be about the same. Microsoft doesn’t want new Windows Phone owners to leave because Angry Birds is free in Google Play and $3 in the Marketplace.

[Via WPCentral]

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