World’s first 24ct Gold iPad 3 is here!

World's first 24ct Gold iPad 3 is here!

That was quick – the world’s first 24ct Gold iPad 3 will soon be available in select stores in Dubai, London and Hong Kong. Company called Gold & Co. unveiled the luxurious product at a special event in the United Arab Emirates and has ever since started accepting orders at the Damas jewelers store in Dubai Mall. The first unit was auctioned with all funds raised being donated to charity.

Now you’re probably wondering what’s the price of such an iPad – it’s $5499 for the 64GB 4G model. If you want the iPhone, Gold & Co. can help you as well, offering the gold iPhone 4S for “just” $4349. Moreover, if you’re a BlackBerry addict, you can check out their “version” of BlackBerry 9900 which could be yours for a pocket change of $2449.

If you ever seriously considered buying any Gold & Co.’s products, please also consider advertising on IntoMobile. You won’t shine at VIP events for that, but you’ll get some traffic to your website in return. 😉

  • Tginn8

    Where do I sign up for free Gold Ipad 3??? got a text today from Apple? is that real or scam?


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