Rumor: Nokia Lumia 900 coming to T-Mobile USA this summer

Nokia’s Lumia 900, which AT&T launched on Easter Monday (April 9th), may or may not be selling well depending on who you ask. There’s an easy way to get it into the hands of more customers though, and that’s by simply by letting more operators have a go at offering the device to their customers. According to a brief encounter with a T-Mobile employee at a retail store, rumor has it that America’s fourth largest operator will start selling Nokia’s flagship this summer. How much? No idea. Will it have 4G LTE? Nope, but that’s OK since Nokia also sells the Lumia 900 in a configuration that has 42 Mbps HSPA+. How believable is this rumor? Very, especially since T-Mobile was the first operator in North America to sell Nokia’s Windows Phones. They started with the lower end 710, which right now is free with a two year contract, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that they’d want to offer a higher end model to have a more balanced portfolio.

The more important question: Should you buy the Lumia 900 if T-Mobile does indeed start selling it? Earlier today we covered a huge scandal in the Windows Phone world, the question of whether or not today’s Windows Phone devices will get updated to Windows Phone 8. Assuming that OS launches in October or November, that’s just five to six months away from “summer”. The Nokia device that’ll run Windows Phone 8 will come with a 720p HD screen, dual core processor, NFC, and a whole host of other goodies. In other words, if you do pick up a Lumia 900, then prepare to feel like you’ve been cheated just a few short months later. Signing a two year contract doesn’t help things either.

At the end of the day it really is up to you to decide when to stop waiting and when to open your wallet. All we want to say about that is: Galaxy S III in 3 weeks, Google I/O and WWDC in June, Windows Phone 8 announcement in September or October, and iPhone 5 announcement in October or November.

  • The Lumia 900 would be on a short list of phones I would consider on T-Mobile. Wife has the Lumia 710 and loves it.

    • I have the lumia 710 and its pretty decent. I like my big screens and high-end hardware so its only decent for me. I love WP though so i’d really appreciate tmo selling this phone. Even if its outdated in a few months, ill just purchase a Nokia windows 8 phone. Right now I need a high-end windows phone with a big, beautiful screen. Lumia 900 would do the trick….

  • Anonymous

    Its not happening.

  • Anonymous

    With t-mobiles prepaid plans I have no idea why they don’t try to scoop up higher end phones. This and the Iphone is something they should definitely be looking into.

  • Boy, you DO know how to make grandiose and spectacular statements like “huge scandal” : what’s wrong with planned obsolescence? Has anyone ever cried over Apple’s planned obsolescence practices? Has anyone screamed and yelled when the first iPad came out with no camera built-in yet everyone knew there was a hole in the chassis to hold one in some presumably not too distant future? Get real man. I have a Nokia Lumia 900 now and it is perfect in every respect. Nothing wrong with it. Nothing. Sound is great. Responsivity is great. Quality of the display is great. Photo quality is great. Memory is great. Nokia Drive is fantastic. And I’m discovering more and more every day as I become accustomed to it. True, I had a Samsung Focus before and I was happy with it. And before that I had an iPhone3GS and an iPhone3G that I gladly ditched for WP7, because I wanted something different. Metro is clean, beautiful typography. Information is simple to access. No need to open 56 different apps to get anything done. It’s HTML-like navigation paradigm for backtracking apps is fantastic, and efficient too. You’re jealous of Nokia hard-earned and well-deserved beginning of some success cracking the Android and iPhone market. I’m so sick of everyone wishing for Nokia to fail because they hate Microsoft guts. Windows Phone is a fantastic operating system, in every respect. It does not need quad-core garbage to run at very satisfactory speed. Whether Appolo runs on it or not, is irrelevant today but I confess it makes great, splashy news. I’ve never, ever been turned down by planned obsolescence because of technology — it’s a fact of this industry life!

    • Paragraphs. You need them.

    • One thing I just noticed about the camera that makes it so much better is the touch to focus feature. Just touch your finger to the screen and it will focus on the spot you touched. Makes for some sweet looking pics.

    • Tokyodriftqueen

      They block me posting any new comments while I simply love the Nokia Lumia 900.What a shame.

  • Johnny

    htc radar is hott on tmobile.  lumia 9 hundo would be even better!!!

  • Adrian

    Lime green, magneta, and black

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  • Anonymous Friend

    Scandal?  LOL Wow, sensationalize much?

  • Tokyodriftqueen

    They block me posting any new comments while I simply love the Nokia Lumia 900.What a shame.

  • i dont know how  setup my nokia lumia 900 to simple mobile can someone help me

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