Zynga earnings beat estimates – Mobile partially to thank

Even if you don’t know what Zynga is, chances are you’ve either played or heard about one of the many games made or owned by the company, be it Facebook or mobile. Zynga recently announced its earnings for Q1 2012 and while the company saw growth in both mobile and web year over year and quarter over quarter, mobile held the majority of its bookings.

With games like Words with Friends and the recently acquired OMGPOP that makes Draw Something, we’re in no way surprised to see that Zynga saw such growth in the mobile space.  CEO and founder of Zynga, Marc Pincus, had this to say:

“We’re pleased with the progress that Zynga has made in the first quarter growing our audience reach 25% year over year and nearly 20% quarter over quarter. Our team did a great job launching 5 new games across mobile and web including new hits like Hidden Chronicles, Slingo and Scramble with Friends,”

With a lot of success on the web, Zynga will likely only continue to grow in the mobile space and if you own an iPhone or Android device, there’s probably a good chance you have one of its popular games installed. It was only February when it was announced that more that 15 million people play Zynga mobile games a day and we’d love to see how those number differ after acquisitions such as OMGPOP.

The future is looking pretty bright for Zynga, this much is pretty easy to see.

Now, you can continue to draw stick figures.

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