The world’s fastest photo album enters Google Play – Scalado Album

Scalado Album for Android

Scalado, which is the company behind some awesome imaging technologies like that Remove app we’ve seen in February, launched its first app in Google Play. Available for download from Google Play, Scalado Album is the world’s fastest photo album app, boasting the company’s famous imaging technology to deliver the magic.

It rocks a simple UI, while delivering some awesome features like enhanced image sorting capabilities (by location, date, etc), animated thumbnails for videos, and so on. However, the keyword here is “fast” as you’ll notice from the get-go — even big images are opened in a split of a second and the same is true for zooming in and out.

According to Scalado’s press release, this is just a start and as far as I’ve understood, they’ll be launching more apps in the near future. This slight change in strategy (they used to exclusively license their technology to the platform and handset makers) is apparently building on the success of the Scalado Camera Lover application for the Nokia Symbian devices, which was downloaded over 1.4 million times in less than 3 months. We think Scalado’s products rock and I expect them to get even higher download numbers in Google Play. We’ll see how that goes and in the meantime check out a short video demoing Scalado Album in action. Here comes…

Scalado Album ($0.99) [Google Play link]

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