Leaked shots of the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer’s phone emerge

RIM has fully embraced the boring black slab with the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer’s phone. CrackBerry has gotten their hands on some leaked images of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 Alpha, the developer-only handset that RIM will be unveiling later this week at BlackBerry Jam and BlackBerry World. Once the handset is unveiled, we should get some glimpses of the BlackBerry 10 operating system, RIM’s attempt at an OS to truly compete with offerings from Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

The developer phone won’t see its way beyond the hands of the developers, and is not an indication as to what future devices will look like when they start hitting the streets this fall. I’d like to see RIM go the way of Nokia and come up with some truly unique and colorful devices as a way to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of touch-only devices. RIM needs a special formula of hardware plus software to buck the trend that sees RIM shedding customers at an extremely alarming rate.

Check out the pictures below to get a first look at the BlackBerry 10 Alpha Developer device.

[via CrackBerry (1), (2)]


  • You made a mistake, it was made crystal clear that the OS on the alpha would not be  BB10…… And the phone would not be the final look.  It’s a modified playbook os, to help developers. This is not BB10.  and I respect your opinion that it’s a boring black slab…….. I disagree but I won’t troll 

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