GREE launches Dino Life, social game for Android

GREE launches Dino Life, social game for Android

GREE launched Dino Life for Android, which is the first game coming from their recently opened San Francisco studio. Similarly to many other social games, Dino Life too is free to download, bringing players into a prehistoric world where dinosaurs and cavemen live in peaceful co-existence.

The official game pitch goes like this (from the press release):

Dino Life opens the doors to a lush world where players can collect and breed over 60 adorable dinosaurs while building a Stone Age tribe. Each player can progress through adventurous quests to build their own personal prehistoric story. The game also features the unique ability to crossbreed dinos, allowing players to hatch their very own never-before seen species of dinosaur. Featuring original art and virtually endless opportunities for users to create something completely their own, the world of Dino Life is driven by each player’s imagination.

Again it’s a free download so give it a try and let us know what you think about it. 😉

Dino Life (FREE) [Google Play link]

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