Is the Samsung Galaxy S III your next phone? Tweeters weigh in

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S III has been announced, it’s your turn to sound off. You know the specs, watched the videos, and now you probably have a decent opinion on the latest Android handset, even if you haven’t put your hands on it yet.

We took to Twitter and asked our followers what they thought of the Galaxy S III and if it would be their next phone. Here are a couple of responses that we got back.


Generally, the response to the handset has been pretty positive but some aren’t sold on it yet. We should also keep in mind that the HTC One X is a very powerful device that will be available on AT&T in just a few days, and we’re all awaiting to see what Apple will bring to the table with its new iPhone. And let’s not forget LG, Sony, and other manufacturers that are attempting to bring out the big guns this year but one thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that the consumer has incredibly powerful choices at their disposal this year.

I’m personally interested in making the Galaxy S III my next phone but I think I’ll be waiting for the next Nexus device to land before I make any rash decision. Who knows, if Samsung is making the next Pure Google phone, we may have a stock Android handset with all the guts of the Galaxy S III and that sounds pretty sweet to me.

What say you, dear reader? Is the Galaxy S III your next phone or will you be holding off for another phone this year and weigh your options then? Sound off in the comments below!


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