Proporta unveils its Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

Proporta unveils its Samsung Galaxy S3 cases

Among the first mobile accessory makers to unveil its offering for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S III is Proporta, which unveiled the following cases:

  • Union Jack case – that apparently is in line with this year’s trends.
  • Specs case – featuring a simple design and solid protection.
  • Pencils case – artistic case that will “not let you down in its look or function.”
  • Leather Case with Aluminum Lining – Proporta’s signature case is now available for the brand new Galaxy S3, boasting high quality leather as well as a unique aluminum layer that makes it lightweight and sophisticated “for the ultimate in protection.”

In addition, Proporta also suggests some other accessories for the Galaxy S3, including USB TurboCharger 7000 that acts as your emergency battery, and Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus which works both as a normal pen as well as touchscreen stylus that works with both capacitive or resistive screens…

And if you need additional information, check out Proporta’s website.

  • Anonymous

    seems like these cases are of a better quality and material than the disappointed 

    • Hotrod

      I think that was the point of the design of the S3.  They made the phone as light as possible because nearly everyone puts a case on their phone so you never really feel the phone.

  • Anonymous

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  • burlingtonontarioresident

    Any genius can figure out that the heavier the phone, the worse the break is when dropped.  I have seen some pretty bad screens on some iPhones.  They break the first time they are dropped, and your stuck paying a fortune to fix those.  Lighter in weight doesn’t equal poor quality.

  • It is a nice list of cases and for the S3 it should be very thin so that it can be handle with less weight as the phone is.

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