Apple by the numbers [Infographic]

Apple by the numbers

Apple is now one of the biggest companies in the world by market valuation. Just how big it is, you’ll see in the infographic below prepared by the good folks of Sortable. But before showing you the chart, let me recap key numbers:

  • Apple’s revenue over the past 12 months is more than the GDP of New Zealand
  • Apple has beaten Wall Street’s estimates in 16 out of the last 17 quarters
  • 75% of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone and iPad
  • Apple Stores makes 2x what Tiffany & Co make per square foot and 7.6x that of Best Buy

Impressive indeed. And here’s the infographic…

Apple by the numbers

  • Anonymous

    You might also like to mention that the iPad has settled at 65% Marketshare and Android at 30% Marketshare +/- 5% for the past straight 5 quarters.

    (taking NPD’s lower estimates of 3.8 million Kindle Fires sold Q4 2011 and 1.8 million sold in Q1 2012, which lowers Android’s tablet share in the Christmas quarter and raises the iPad)

    This is close to the 70% Marketshare the iPod has enjoyed for the past decade and similar to the 63% share of new smartphone sales that the iPhone has averaged over every carrier in the USA that sells the iPhone.

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