Voyager Mobile delays its launch due to hackers

A report out of  Mobile Burn (Dan Seifert) indicates that a new cellular service set to launch today will see a bit of a delay.  Voyager Mobile is one of the many mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) that runs on Sprint’s 3G CDMA and 4G WiMax networks. Voyager Mobile was all set to launch their network today, but issued a statement today claiming that its main website has undergone “a malicious attack” which resulted in the service postponing today’s launch.

Voyager Mobile bills itself as a low-cost mobile alternative, offering unlimited mobile service for as low as $19 per month without so much as a credit, background check, or contract commitment. Voyager Mobile is unique in that it will be offering high-end smartphone devices such as the Galaxy S II, which Sprint bills as the Epic 4G Touch. It will also offer a rewards program for high-minute users that they can use for airline miles, gift cards, phone upgrades, or free monthly service.

Voyager Mobile seems like a viable alternative to the standard plans available today, now all it has to do is launch. We expect that they will probably launch yet this month, though no firm date was given regarding a rescheduled launch event. We’ll be sure to bring you launch info for Voyager Mobile as we learn it form the company.

[via Mobile Burn]


  • I’m afraid that my account might get hacked too when I sign up with them..

  • Shocker!  25 year old CEO has a website that isn’t secure.

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