One plant in Zhengzhou, China makes 70 percent of Apple’s iPhones

When you think iPhone and Foxconn, you think Shenzhen, suicide nets and FLA inspections. According to an M.I.C Gadget report, we should forget Shenzhen and think Zhengzhou instead. M.I.C. Gadget says Foxconn has transferred its primary iPhone production line from Shenzen to it’s Zhengzhou plant. Zhengzhou now makes 70 percent of Apple’s iPhone handsets. Located in the inland province of Henan, the Zhengzhou plant is on its way to becoming the largest smartphone manufacturing plant in the world.

The plant has 200,000 workers and intends to push out 400,000 iPhones each day. It’s located in the Henan province which exports 1.24 billion yuan ($195 million USD) in cellphones each year.

[Via M.I.C. Gadget]

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