Rumor: New iPhone back plate outed?

9 to 5 Mac has gotten its hands on a new catalog entry from iFixyouri which could indicate what the next iPhone will look like, and it’s potentially markedly different from the current crop of devices. As you can see above, if this is in fact the new backing for the iPhone, Apple has decided to go two-tone, with a gray-on-black finish for the standard black color finish model. The site also confirmed that the new iPhone will still come in the same alternative white backing, but also suggested that two additional colored models would be introduced.

Of course, until Apple takes the wraps off the new iPhone later this year, we won’t know what the notoriously secretive company has up its sleeves for the next iPhone. We do think that the processor will be upgraded, likely to the oft-rumored quad-core A6 processor, and the screen will likely be upped from the current 3.5″ Retina display to a 4″ variant. Several mockups of the next iPhone have creeped up around the internet, but none will likely match Apple’s final model fully.

9 to 5 Mac claims that iFixyouri has been fairly spot on with its leaks in the past, with iFixyouri’s source for the current rumor being the same that first accurately predicted that the iPad 2 would be offered in white. While that gives more credibility to the current rumor, we’re still a bit skeptical that this will be the final iteration of the iPhone’s backing. As with all rumors, it’s important to take them with a grain of salt.

What do you guys think about the potential back plate? Do you like the two-toned design, or would you rather Apple stick to the current color finishes? What additional back plate colors would you like to see?

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

  • Gregory C Newman

    Although I am a windows Phone fan I really believe the New Iphone will be 3.9 to 4.3 inches in screen size to take advantage retina displat technology and make it easier for people to use the Iphone. after I tested the Nokia  900 and Samsung focus and the HTC Titan let me tell ya this fact
    to really enjoy a smart phone for video or searching the Web 4 inch to 4.74 inch displays are where it’s at to use a 1960’s slang. a person’s touch screen finger operation is better more fluid
    and viewing a larger image is cool too!

  • Anonymous

    Yawn….a fake picture! 

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