Microsoft announces XBox Music – Stream across Windows 8 PCs, tablets, phones, and Xbox

Zune is officially dead. Microsoft has picked out the tombstone, buried it, and just gave birth to its new music service, Xbox music. Shipping with more than 30 million tracks out of the gate, users will be able to stream their music on Xbox 360’s, and Windows 8 tablets, phones, and PCs.

The rebranding of its music service doesn’t come as a surprise, as it’s what Microsoft has been doing since the introduction of Windows Phone. Decked out in the Metro UI, Xbox music will attempt to sway iTunes users away in favor of their solution. While that will likely be quite the challenge, it’s easy to see that Microsoft is trying to save its image with the Metro UI, and it could at least make others see the company in a different light.

We’ll have more details about the new service when they arrive.

Would you be interested in using Microsoft’s new Xbox Music service, or are you too heavily invested in iTunes or some other offering?

[Via: Engadget, The Verge]

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