FixYa unveils HTML5 mobile web app for fixing your gadgets on the move

FixYa is a common online Q&A destination for finding a solution to a problem you might be having with just about any gadget: phones, cameras, computers, cars, appliances, etc. Now it’s wisely launching an HTML5-based mobile web app so if you have a quick issue while you’re out, you can quickly load up FixYa to find a solution or ask for one.

FixYa says that with this brand new web app, its mobile users will be able to access all of the desktop website’s standard features without compromise. This includes search by product name, brand, or other keywords to tap into the database of problem solutions for over 4 million products, expert answers ranked by quality and popularity, and user achievements. Android users also get an added bonus with their ability to upload photos or videos from their smartphones to ask or answer questions without downloading a native app.

17 percent of FixYa’s 24 million monthly users are visiting the website from a mobile device. “With more users turning to their mobile devices for solutions to their everyday product problems, we felt it necessary to optimize the smartphone experience so it is more in line with the speed, accuracy, and convenience our 24 million users have come to expect,” said FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon.

To check out the new mobile web app, visit on a smartphone and you’ll be redirected to the mobile layout. From there, you can choose to add the FixYa icon to your home screen for it to act as a more traditional app.

[Photo credit: Facebook]

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