Carmageddon coming to iOS and Android this summer

Carmageddon coming to iOS and Android this summer

One of the most controversial racing games of all time Carmageddon is coming to a smartphone near you. Moreover, the game will be free for iOS and Android users for the first 24 hours as a thank you gift to fans who recently backed the successful Kickstarter campaign for PC title Carmageddon: Reincarnation.

Carmageddon was originally released back in 1997 for PC, though it managed to get itself banned in a number of countries due to its questionable game ethics. After all, not every game invites you to knock over helpless grannies and even earn points for that.

Nevertheless, we kinda love Carmageddon and of course we don’t suggest anyone to repeat the screen action in real-life. Speaking of action, take a look at the game played on an iPad. Here comes…


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