iOS 6’s Photo Stream allows for easier sharing across the cloud

While there may have been so many updates in iOS 6 to make your head spin, we’re sure many people were happy about the updates that Photo Stream is set to get this fall. Now it’s easier than ever to share pictures with the latest tweaks.

Now you can easily select the photos you want to send and share them immediately to the people you want without leaving the Photo Stream application. Yes, we know that something as simple as this may not generate much excitement, especially when you consider that other operating systems have had this method of sharing for a very long time now. That said, even if Apple is just playing catch-up here, it’s still a very welcomed feature.

If you’re sending photos to a fellow iCloud users, the pictures will automatically appear in their Photos app or in iPhoto on a Mac. You’ll also be able to stream shared photo streams on Apple TV using WiFi.

If you’re sending photos to someone without an Apple device, photos will appear in a webpage. While we get that this is all cloud-based, now that you can manually embed photos within the updated mail application, it seems a little odd that pictures will not be available to download.  But since this is all cloud-based, your shared photo streams won’t count against your iCloud storage.

To sweeten the deal, you can now add comments and “like” photos as well.

There are still many more features for iOS 6, so make sure you stay up to date with us here!

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